Healing Cancer: The Complete Way

Lawrence Doochin

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Cancer or other serious health issues can awaken us to what’s important in our lives, posits motivational author and entrepreneur Lawrence Doochin in Healing Cancer: The Complete Way. A struggle against cancer, he believes, can lead us to higher spiritual perspectives and alter false beliefs about ourselves.

Although the author briefly discusses his adoption of a healthier diet after being diagnosed with testicular cancer and undergoing treatment, his main goal is to help readers use cancer as a vehicle of change. Doochin, also a sexual abuse survivor, discusses his spiritual and emotional journey, which led to a deeper relationship with God. While physical healing obviously is the goal, attaining emotional, mental and spiritual healing can create a valuable holistic integration, he notes.

The book is organized into chapters addressing false beliefs, including “cancer is my fault” or “I should do everything the doctor says.” He uses these to help counter common misconceptions about cancer and show that it can be a blessing, citing examples from his own journey.

Addressing what he considers the underlying issues that might have led to cancer, he proposes a six-step healing cycle focusing on the emotional aspects of diagnosis and treatment, ranging from self-compassion to creating gratitude for a fresh awareness of ourselves as a vessel through which God and universal energy flow. Not specific to any organized religion, although he frequently mentions Jesus, Doochin believes understanding our relationship with God can create a healing pathway.

Readers with cancer looking for healing without a spiritual component, or those seeking medical information will need to look elsewhere. And while the author claims no scientific expertise, he occasionally veers into dubious advice, such as noting that throat cancer may mean the universe is showing us to speak up or that hearing loss means not wanting to hear the truth.

Overall, however, Healing Cancer provides readers with a useful roadmap to rethink challenges and tap into their own divinity.

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