Hannah’s Way

Linda Sealy Knowles

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A sweet Western romance, Hannah’s Way perfectly captures late 1800’s Texas with a story reminiscent of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little Town on the Prairie. Readers that grew up with and loved Laura, Pa, Mary and the others, will enjoy this more adult story of life in the old West.

Hannah Hopkins has a serious string of bad luck: On a wagon train to California, her dear father and only family member succumbs to illness. Hannah, who has drawn the negative attention of the other members of the train, becomes a victim of vicious rumors and lies and is voted out of the train. Left with an elderly couple in Limason, Texas, she faces severe mistreatment and abuse, until a chance encounter with a young savior frees her. On her dash to safety, she falls into the office of Dr. Tim, the handsome town doctor — and this is only the beginning.

Readers will fall in love with the beautiful and fiery Hannah as she struggles to find her place in the world. It takes all of her admirable spirit and determination to overcome obstacles, including facing more malicious rumors, the difficulties of being a single woman in the time period, and her growing feelings for Dr. Tim that fight with her desire to remain independent. When more tragedy forces fate’s hand and pushes the couple together, sparks fly and sexual tension abounds as they struggle to find common ground in their budding relationship.

A colorful cast of supporting characters populates the town of Limason and surrounding areas. Some are foe and many are friends, but they all add depth to the story. Hannah’s Way is a warm and engaging romance and portrait of a lost era, a journey of ups and downs punctuated by humor, tragedy, old-fashioned determination, and small town life that proves that even under life’s hardest circumstances, love and family can still thrive.

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