Grief, Golf, and Reinvention

Mick Rothman

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In this very personal memoir, the author takes readers through the year following the death of his wife of over four decades, explaining how he adjusted to the sudden change in his life, and how his passions for golf and music helped him cope with the inevitable changes.

Lest prospective readers be confused, Grief, Golf & Reinvention is not really a golf book. Although, the author found himself on the golf course the day after his wife’s death, there is little narration about the intricacies of the game. The point Rothman makes is that a widower must immerse himself in something for which he has a passion. The story is much more about surviving grief than it is about the author’s love for golf.

Rothman defines his purpose for publishing his story: “The main reason I wrote this book was to help other men know that what they are going through has a name. It is called grief. It is a process that takes place over time…” The author emphasizes that grief is different for men than it is for women. “When it comes to grief, men are still expected to be the strong ones.” However, despite a stoic façade, a man can easily become overwhelmed. This is one reason, Rothman hypothesizes, that so frequently older husbands die shortly after their spouses.

Rothman shines in his casual narrative style, which shares his experience and advises without preaching. His book is short and to the point. Admittedly, his experiences may not be entirely typical—unlike most older men who are suddenly truly alone when widowed, Rothman has two adult children who live with him; he is also a renaissance man with many talents and wealth, and a support group of friends and relatives that others may not enjoy. Still, he offers much that readers of all kinds will relate to.

In sum, this brief journal provides a well-written guide for men struggling with the grieving process.

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