Grace Revealed

Frederick J. Sievert

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Fred Sievert’s Grace Revealed examines how God’s unmerited favor transforms hopelessness into peace, restores joy to the brokenhearted and ignites a desire to pay it all forward.

Sievert tackles the sobering reality that life can get ugly and out of control, leaving us confused, damaged and lost. While some trudge along forever burdened by the weight of negative circumstances, Sievert analyzes the testimonies of people who broke free. This compilation of stories unites a colorful mix of people who had emotionally and/or physically hit rock bottom, yet through faith in Jesus Christ were positively changed. Among the stories offered: Liz’s 20-year-old daughter died in a fire; Tina “found alcohol and men at age thirteen” and began a 33-year courtship with addiction; Mark spent nine months in federal prison for corporate fraud; and Bob’s parents both died when he was only 15.

Sievert focuses on a common progression he discovered within each testimony: First, the person experienced a crisis; second, they received grace from Jesus Christ, and third, they returned grace to others. Sievert admits this is not necessarily “a recipe…or even a template for recovering,” but he hopes it will provide some insight and guidance for others.

Sievert’s work is professional, organized and polished, with ample research, flawless editing, and a structured format. Although he hands each unique voice the mic, his consistent presence is valuable as he brilliantly recaps each story and guides readers to process the experience. The author masterfully engages readers with reflection questions, applicable Scriptures for immediate encouragement, and sample prayers to help foster healing. Each testimony concludes with an uplifting “where are they now” moment spotlighting how God’s grace transforming one life sparked change not only in local communities but sometimes around the world.

Sievert’s desire to help others emanates from this lifeline of a book as he extends genuine hope to anyone drowning under the weight of impossible circumstances.

Also available as an ebook and audio book.

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