Gogi and Mogi Go to the Garden

Golareh Safarian

Publisher: MindTripz Inc Pages: 34 Price: (paperback) $11.85 ISBN: 9781546814221 Reviewed: July, 2017 Author Website: Visit »

Gogi and Mogi Go to the Garden is a story about finding inspiration in everyday places. Easy to follow and enhanced by clever and specific examples, this book will stoke the imaginations of young readers.

Mogi invites Gogi to an upcoming birthday party, but Gogi becomes sad because it’s a costume party and she has nothing to wear. She decides to go into the garden to gather ideas—and finds a proliferation of them. Hummingbirds, ladybugs, and snails abound, and she sees and describes the unique merits of each. For example, in looking at a lady bug, she says to Mogi, “Did you know ladybugs can play dead to keep predators away?” She then notes that to dress as a ladybug, she would need “two wing cases, two wings and two antennae” and is shown in such a costume. This pattern— offering an informational tidbit about each creature and discussing how she would dress to look like it—is repeated with each garden visitor she spies.

Finally, she settles on going as a jumping spider and recruits Mogi to help her explore the attic and compile the costume.

While readers don’t see Gogi creating the costume—which may have been helpful for young children—the story is an accessible, digestible length. A large font that consumes too much space on many pages can be distracting, but this flaw is mostly outweighed by the story’s merits and originality. Gogi is a lively, engaged character and solves her own problems, making her a compelling protagonist and fine role model.

The illustrations, featured prominently, are a mixture of photography and digital artwork. They are raucously colorful and energetic, and Gogi’s imagined costumes are especially fun.

This is a light, appealing tale with a relatable main character. Children will find much to like about Gogi, Mogi, and their garden adventure.

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