God Cares But Do We?: The Evolution of Belief and Spirituality

Kwaku Adjei Mensah

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Kwaku Adjei Mensah addresses the moral degradation of America and calls for a return to the principles of the Ten Commandments in this unconventional treatise on modern humanity.

From violence to racism, homosexuality to infidelity, Mensah expresses grief over the “senseless violence and ignorance, [sic] we do to each other, every nation, and every race.” In God Cares, But Do We? he asks: “What can you find wrong with the Ten Commandments or Jesus Christ and his teaching?…why not teach it and let it be heard?” Mensah pleads for a return to educating children with the Bible’s “values and morals of life.”

Throughout, the author passionately expresses his opinions, but eschews fully documenting his claims with factual research. Other flaws hamper the book’s success as well.

The author’s writing style shuns basic rules of grammar, using so many internal rhymes, fragments and run-on sentences that it more closely resembles a transcribed spoken-word poetry performance than formal book. For example, he writes: “I do not wish to have you buried in a casket with your head blown like a gasket drastic measure for the things that you do” and “You do not want me to be judge and jury as my fury is forthwith and coming?”

Mensah’s point is often difficult to discern, as is his main purpose for writing. The book is randomly divided between off-topic letters to an ex-lover and his exhaustive tirade about society, in which he makes hostile threats and wild claims. One such instance (among many) is especially concerning: “I pray that I do not have to act out of place, and leave your body traced in chalk for idle talk.” Such threats and the use of expletives mar Mensah’s Christian witness and will be a turn-off for many readers of this genre.

Mensah’s passion for making a difference in the world is clear. But his talents may be better employed in the realm of spoken-word poetry than on the written page.

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