Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek: A Memoir

George E. Danis

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Greek immigrant and successful businessman George E. Danis chronicles his experiences and offers thoughts on how to lead a meaningful life in Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek.

Danis enjoyed a happy childhood growing up in modest circumstances in a close-knit village in Greece. He completed an engineering degree while longing to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit in America. In 1960, at 23, he emigrated to the U.S. by jumping ship from the merchant marine vessel on which he was working when it anchored off Mobile. He headed to the Boston area, where the Greek community helped him find employment. He soon met and married a Greek-American woman, a union of love that also accorded him legal immigration status.

After working a succession of manufacturing jobs, he founded his own metal fabrication firm in 1968, which quickly became a leading supplier to the growing computer sector. Over the years, he supported assorted charitable endeavors and parlayed his business acumen and connections with the Greek community into serving as advisor and fundraiser to Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis and Senator Ted Kennedy. In 2001, he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his commitment to good citizenship and philanthropy.

Danis credits his Greek upbringing for providing the foundation for his good fortune. By “living Greek,” he means “learning to see the value of community” and cultivating an environment that fosters political engagement, problem-solving, and generosity.

Motivated by these values, he also presents various public policy suggestions that reflect his conservative economic and liberal social leanings. Although well-meaning, some recommendations lack sufficient detail to translate into effective plans.

Nevertheless, Danis seamlessly blends his advice into a clearly written narrative that bears witness to the immigrant experience in 20th century America while sounding a nonpartisan call for a vibrant democracy. His engaging and inspirational memoir will particularly appeal to readers who enjoy memoirs highlighting the immigrant experience or entrepreneurship.

BlueInk Heads-Up: This book will be of particular interest to the Greek-American community in Massachusetts.

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