Get WalletWise Workbook: Proven and Powerful Personal Finance and Budgeting Tips for Finding Financial Freedom

Ken Remsen

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Ken Remsen shares helpful tips and illuminating experiences from the world of everyday personal money management in Get WalletWise.

Although informative for any audience, the book caters to young people and those with little successful experience managing personal finances. Appropriately, significant discussion revolves around avoiding trouble with credit cards, high-interest loans and debt settlements, as well as other common pitfalls.

The book also looks at building wealth through budgeting, saving, and investing. It explains the basics of buying real estate and retirement planning, among other topics, but perhaps most importantly, it details the often-modest spending habits of the “financially successful.”

Remsen, a financial coach, has a genuine, down-to-Earth style, knows his subjects well, and has the credibility of someone who has made mistakes, learned from them, and now seeks to share his knowledge with others. The book features blank worksheets and links to useful financial websites to aid readers on their financial journeys.

By starting at the lowest rungs of the financial status ladder, Remsen’s work is valuable, relatable, and generally clear and understandable, although at times Remsen regurgitates the advice of others, including the questionable recommendation of a CNBC host for lottery winners to invest in high-quality art and Bitcoin before putting money into municipal bonds and dividend-paying stocks. Additionally, his discussion of some topics, like divorce, gambling, smoking, addictions, and even tattoos, drift into what some might consider moral judgments. Still, the focus is always on the detrimental financial impacts of such issues.

Such moments aside, readers should find Get WalletWise a helpful, step-by-step guide to financial independence.

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