From Stuck to Unstoppable: The Power of Intentional Decision-Making in Life and Leadership

Trish Hunt

Publisher: Mascot Books Pages: 216 Price: (hardcover) $26.95 ISBN: 9781637554111 Reviewed: April, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

In From Stuck to Unstoppable, Trish Hunt urges readers to nurture positive mindsets to help them attain their personal and professional goals.

Producer and host of the TV and radio show The Hunt with Trish Hunt, Hunt faced her share of challenges on her way from management trainee at Disney to president of a division of an S&P 500 drug and consumer health global manufacturing company. Raised by a single mother in challenging financial conditions, she was widowed on her husband’s 29th birthday with two young children. Despite these obstacles, she persevered, having made what she describes as a simple decision to get what she wanted; by implementing this “power of choice,” she says, we can choose to get unstuck.

Hunt offers examples from her personal life. For instance, as a teenage pageant contestant who couldn’t afford her significant wardrobe requirements, she marched into a JC Penny store manager’s office to ask him to sponsor her; “needless to say,” she says, he agreed. “I did what I had to do to get what I needed and wanted, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get it. Simple as that.”

This same “anyone can do it” attitude runs throughout the book, along with broad advice. Hunt writes in enthusiastic prose, urging readers to practice mindsets common to many self-help books: “Dig down deep and find your grit. Keep pushing forward.”; listen to your “inner voices”; “visualize the prize”; “create your own momentum.” She offers anecdotes from her life and those of others to illustrate, but little in the way of concrete, step-by-step guidance. As such, many readers will feel that her advice oversimplifies the process of managing life’s complexities and that much of it is platitudinous.

There’s little fresh in Hunt’s book for anyone who regularly reads self-help guides. For those new to the topic of creating a positive, intentional mindset, however, Hunt’s book could serve as a breezy introduction.

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