From Ordinary People to Great Leaders: An Application of Biblical Models to Contemporary Leadership Issues

Everette W. Howell and Dr. Siegfried E. Howell

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Leadership is difficult. But according to Everette W. Howell and his son Siegfried, it doesn’t have to be. We can turn to the Bible to find insights, revelations, and practices that help regular people lead lives of integrity and vision.

In From Ordinary People to Great Leaders, the father/son team examines the lives of “biblical giants such as Moses, David, and Jesus” to draw lessons on leadership and management that can be applied to daily life. Each of these scriptural heroes started from lowly positions, only to lead God’s people to freedom.

And although these men had different leadership styles—Moses, the leader of personal sacrifice; David, the bridge-building, warrior king; and Jesus, the suffering servant in life and death—they each embodied certain traits, including love and compassion, that gave them strength and vision. As the Howells contend, “Great leadership is more than the exercise of authority and the parade of power. It is also the ability to be appropriately tender, sensitive, and timely.”

The Howells highlight significant points in Moses’, David’s, and Jesus’s stories to also illustrate the need for humility, the importance of reflection, and the proper practice of learning to govern ourselves before we can govern others, among other lessons.

This is a solid read, in which the Howells demonstrate a strong understanding of the Bible. The authors are generally straightforward, enthusiastic, and demonstrative. There are some occasional awkward phrases and run-on sentences: “Was it to teach us that there must be a thorn in the rose petals; to remind all leaders that Satan is always on guard, checking to find out what gets our attention and interest so he can then set his traps for the careless child of God who lets down his guard for just one brief moment?” Still, the book is well-argued and amply researched.

In sum, readers looking for life lessons for business and home will find much to ponder and discuss in these pages.

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