From Legacy to Dynasty

Afam Elue

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 108 Price: (paperback) $16.99 ISBN: 9781663253880 Reviewed: December, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

The large and wealthy baby boomer generation is retiring. Many boomers own lucrative small and medium-sized businesses, while relatively few have a succession plan to turn them over to younger people. This generational churn, along with other trends, such as the changes in the labor market known as the Great Resignation, and the push for greater diversity among entrepreneurs, represents an historic opportunity.

In his book, Afam Elue argues that these trends present investors with a growing market to purchase turnkey businesses, creating wealth they can manage to last for generations. He presents readers with three viewpoints: that of the investor seeking to buy a business, the entrepreneur who has one to sell, and a third party known as an integrator, who may be a broker or someone with special skills who can make the business a success.

Elue discusses the resources each of these parties need for a satisfying transaction; how each party can create a business ecosystem; how to link wealth creation to a higher life purpose; and how to use trusts and collect royalties to create generational wealth. He grounds his wealth creation schema in a broader context of one’s health and relationships.

However, Elue struggles to communicate his ideas clearly. Many sentences are incomplete and confusing (“Maybe focus on some hobbies or to, you know, pursue other passions, with the energy and time they have left”). The author interjects fillers used in conversational speech such as “you know,” “right,” and “okay” into the text. It’s as if he had transcribed a recording of a conversation and pasted it into his manuscript without editing it. There are numerous distracting typos, and grammar and spelling errors.

At the book’s heart is a good idea. The author clearly understands the roles and processes related to business acquisition and its power to build wealth. But his prose is badly in need of a strong editorial voice to help clarify and strengthen his ideas.

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