From Grief to Acceptance: An Active Process for Healing While Honoring Our Loved Ones

Misty Proffitt-Thompson

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For 20 years, Misty Proffitt-Thompson struggled with the grief of losing her 23-year-old sister Stephanie in a violent, unsolved murder. Through what the author calls “soul to soul experiences,” in which Stephanie “was watching over me and surrounding me with love,” and Proffitt-Thompson’s own resolute journey to self-fulfillment, she can now say, “Stephanie’s tragic death taught me so much for my spiritual growth.” In this concise, life-affirming book, she explains in a compassionate, confident voice how she came to her hard-won acceptance and happiness.

The author’s experience taught her that there is no one-size-fits-all model of grieving. She reassures readers that no one in pain should have to worry that they are doing something wrong if their grieving does not reflect the traditional five Kübler-Ross stages.

Meanwhile, she presents her own uniquely comforting “5 Encouraging Phases of Grief.” By actively choosing love, vulnerability, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude over their negative counterparts (fear, shame, judgment, resentment, and guilt), she posits that those grieving can evolve spiritually, come into alignment with the loving Universe, and honor the departed. A final chapter is devoted to journaling and mindfulness exercises for each phase. (More exercises per phase would have been welcome.)

Proffitt-Thompson acknowledges that the seeds of these phases were planted by “inspiring spiritual teachers, healers, psychics, mediums, and angel communicators,” among them the renowned mediums James Van Praagh and John Holland. She honestly reveals her own years-long process of judging her sister’s choices, raging about her sister’s need to court danger, crying, and questioning what more she could have done. She is truthful about not having a close relationship in life with her sister because of their different temperaments and lifestyle choices. Many readers will relate.

From Grief to Acceptance shares generously with readers, providing an example of the love the author recommends giving with abandon to the world. It proves that through persistent, intentional self-care and spiritual seeking, a sudden, inexplicable shock can have positive consequences.

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