Fourteen Days

Mayet Ligad Yuhico

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Fourteen Days is a page-turning contemporary romance novel in which a world-famous actress struggles to regain her lost memories, strives to develop into mature adulthood and tries to decide which of two men is the love of her life.

An accident in young adulthood destroys most of Auberon’s memories of that time. Years later, she has become an accomplished actress, still unable and stubbornly unwilling to recall the past when her mother’s unexpected death and dying wish leave Auberon with a choice: Read a box of letters from her lost past within the next 14 days or face the destruction of a favorite painting. While nearing the deadline of preparing for her upcoming movie, she struggles with reading the letters, handling her on-and-off relationship with handsome co-star Arif and unexpectedly meeting the man she has not seen in 12 years and does not at first remember: her former husband Luke. Can she regain her past, claim her adulthood and understand the complexities of true love? The answers lie in the letters, the painting she cannot destroy and her final meeting with the man who owns her heart.

This is an excellent romance novel, one that adheres to the genre in every way: The opening is intriguing and leads to a complex situation; the characters are well defined, likable and believable; the story is logical with appropriate setbacks and action; and the backstory, which is a large part of the book, is nicely woven throughout. In addition, Auberon’s struggle is realistic and never overwrought, and the sexual content is limited and quite chaste. The author’s vivid descriptions of preparing for a movie and being on the movie set is an added bonus. The pace sweeps readers effortlessly along.

This is a compelling tale of a woman’s search for her past, her growth as an individual and her realization of the complexities of true love. Romance fans won’t be able to put it down.

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