For the Health of a Woman and the Story of One Tree Hill

Dr. David Brown

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 446 Price: (paperback) $34.76 ISBN: 9781412028431 Reviewed: May, 2012

In his book For the Health of a Woman & The Story of One Tree Hill, Dr. David Brown M.D. offers an informative — while thoroughly entertaining – overview on how a woman can get, and stay, healthy throughout the adult life spectrum.

Dr. Brown, a practicing clinician with training in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, provides an excellent overview and analysis of common women’s health issues and concerns. These include self-breast-exams, perimenopause and menopause symptoms, osteoporosis and sexual health. While most books in this genre typically focus only on such “usual suspects” of women’s health or delve into one specific niche area (such as bone health), Dr. Brown’s volume stands out by devoting a fairly significant portion of the text to a discussion of falls. The author shares insight and advice on the hazards of falls, how to avoid them, and how to prevent or reduce injury from falls.

Throughout, Dr. Brown provides a unique voice, employing a friendly though authoritative tone and peppering his book with lively anecdotes while using “Everyman” language. The combination makes his book an engaging read. (The Story of One Tree Hill of the title refers to an introductory short story about a young boy who embarks on a journey. By heeding his internal warnings regarding dangers along the way, the boy returns home safely, underscoring the author’s overall message regarding awareness and prevention.) The volume concludes with a comprehensive appendix useful for the targeted lay audience.

Dr. Brown stays with the tried and true in his medical advice, rather than diving into cutting-edge techniques or emerging theories. Nonetheless, this is a timeless, worthwhile book and a great addition to those currently available on women’s health. While best suited for consumers of health and wellness (female patients and the men who love them), the book’s overview, as well as the author’s novel approach to awareness and prevention of falls, may offer value for health care professionals as well.

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