Fly Tying Illustrated: Flies You Can Count On To Catch Trout

Tom Gauthier

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 81 Price: (paperback) $29.15 ISBN: 9781426957925 Reviewed: August, 2013 Author Website: Visit »

This nicely illustrated book shows how to tie 13 trout flies, each either a variation on a venerable pattern or an original creation. It’s subtitled, Flies You Can Count On To Catch Trout, and the author boldly claims, “This book makes one promise. Use these flies and you will catch more trout more often.”

Anyone who has dipped a line into a stream since Claudius Aelianus, who gave the first known account of fly fishing in the second century AD, knows that this is a tall order. Fly fishing is the most complex angling art, and fly selection is the toughest part of fly fishing. There are hundreds of trout fly patterns. Tom Gauthier’s well-chosen favorites feature mayfly, nymph, terrestrial and streamer patterns, universally acknowledged to be the most productive: nothing stirs trout to surface feeding like mayflies; nothing catches more trout than nymphs; terrestrials almost always work, and streamers attract the largest trout. But can these 13 really be the best of the best?

With more than 40 years’ experience in fly fishing and fly tying, Gauthier compellingly backs up his bold claim with easy-to-read stories of fishing each pattern in rivers such as the Boardman and AuSable in Michigan, Oak Creek, Silver Creek and Lees Ferry in Arizona, and the San Juan in New Mexico.

His concise instructions are clear, and his uncomplicated, conversational prose engaging: the reader can easily imagine sitting around a pot-belly stove in a Northern Michigan fishing cabin with the author as he flips through the striking color photo-illustrations, spins his fishing tales, and relates the history of the fly he’s tying for you. For fly fishing and fly tying enthusiasts, this book of 13, not-commercially-available, “most effective trout catchers” and an elegant “strike indicator” is well worth having.

BlueInk Heads Up: This book is highly recommended for serious fly fishers and fly tiers. Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Arkansas residents who aren’t serious fly fishers may also find the local sporting life stories appealing.

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