Final Days of Judgement

Beverley Buckley

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The idea that our thoughts create our reality is at the heart of Final Days of Judgement. Here, Beverley Buckley, an educator, sustainable farmer, and spirit channeler, explains in simple prose how fear-based thinking causes many of our personal and social upheavals.

Buckley suggests that if you act from a position of trepidation, you build the houses of your endeavors on sand; any slight movement can cause your world to collapse. But, she argues, these disasters may be blessings in disguise. “Pain and suffering are wonderful teachers,” she writes. Our mistakes can actually be a bridge that leads to psychological and spiritual renewal.

Mixing seasoned wisdom and personal anecdotes—including stories of past lives and messages she obtained through the Elohim, or spirit guides—Buckley explores the Twelve Laws of the Universe: divinely inspired tools and gifts that can help us live with more clarity. These laws include abundance, synchronicity, duty, and attraction, among others. Buckley’s argument is essentially this: The universe is conscious and works for us, not against us. We conspire against ourselves when limiting beliefs prevent us from seeing how life can flow effortlessly. Activating these 12 laws will move you to a higher level of consciousness.

Buckley’s message is astute and rousing but for a few quibbles: The title, Finals Days of Judgement, though provocative, is misleading: The message here is much more uplifting and encompassing than the name implies. Moreover, while Buckley is a delightful writer, sometimes she introduces ideas without enough set-up, such as at the book’s beginning, which lists the laws of the universe right out of the gate. Without more background about the book’s purpose, this feels jarring and disorienting.

Overall, Buckley delivers an effective read. Fans of Jerry and Esther Hicks and A Course in Miracles will likely enjoy this book that argues that there is a new, golden age in store for us if our minds are in the right place.

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