Falling Back in Love: 7 Steps to Saving Your Relationship

Dr. David R.L. Stevens

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In Falling Back in Love, Dr. David R.L. Stevens helps couples reignite the passion that initially kindled their romance.

Stevens compiles 40-plus years of wisdom and experience as a marriage counselor and pastor in this simple book to help couples save their marriage from the pitfalls that drench the fires of love. He speaks with authority on topics like infidelity, withholding sex from a spouse, and letting daily life crowd out the romance, and backs up his ideas with Bible teachings.

Ultimately, the author encourages troubled couples to work on their thoughts; “go back in time; reminisce on the things that caused you to be attracted to the one you fell in love with,” he writes. Much of his advice focuses on taking control of the mind and being deliberate about your thoughts, arguing that “whatever one determines to do…is very likely to be done.”

Stevens’ 50 years of wedded bliss to his wife Dorothy adds to his credibility, and his calm, grandfatherly tone when dealing with matters of sex and intimacy reveals him as a true gentleman who has been around the block a few times. His sage advice: “Keep it in the union, but keep it hot; that’s the potent secret!”

Though the book is brimming with helpful advice, the “seven steps” are never clearly defined. Readers who like a bullet-point list to follow may be disappointed, as instead, Stevens takes his time to paint vivid scenarios and explain his ideas through clever analogies. He relates romance to oil in a car engine, negative thoughts to magnets, and commitment to fertilizing your own grass. There are many typos and missing punctuation throughout the text, but Stevens’ conversational writing style is fun and quick-paced enough to make his mistakes forgivable.

The author tucks a lifetime of sound marriage advice into just over a hundred pages. Every couple—married, engaged, or on the brink of divorce—will appreciate Falling Back in Love.

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