Extrapolating the Unknown: A Unified View on Spirituality

M. V. K. Mohan

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In Extrapolating the Unknown, M. V. K. Mohan draws upon the Law of Correspondence to explore a variety of concepts relative to life and the universe that are often difficult to explain or comprehend.

The principle of Correspondence is that our outer world suggests a reflection of our inner world. “As above so below, as below so above; as within so without, as without so within,” the author writes. Through this precept, Mohan posits that by studying one thing we can also learn about something else and find similar attributes in things that seem different. Drawing on parallels between our waking and dreaming states and the “thought world” and “waking [real] world,” Mohan delves into a broad range of topics, including God’s existence, life and death, magnetic fields, robots, spirituality, rebirth, desire, and everlasting joy.

Readers will find some solid takeaways from Mohan’s theoretical renderings, such as the ideas that: success is enhanced by connections with positive individuals; meditation can decrease our internal resistance to link with higher energy sources; we can attract God’s attention by doing our “dharma” or calling.

However, it’s clear that Mohan’s project is a very personal endeavor, and in his attempt to extrapolate answers to the likes of “What is time?” and “Do ghosts exist?” the writing is presented in a rather verbose, circuitous style. The author’s intentions often become confusing with topic digressions, or when Mohan puts a temporary hold on a thought, to be explored in a later chapter. So much information is touched on in the interim, that the original idea is left behind. While the illustrations included can sometimes highlight a point, there are too few to help clarify or lighten the work.

The first of an intended series, this volume may leave readers with more questions than answers. Thus, they are likely to feel more overwhelmed than invested in any future works.

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