Eve’s Trial

Albert James

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 641 Price: (paperback) $24.77 ISBN: 9781426959431 Reviewed: May, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

This mammoth science fiction novel revolving around a duo of heroic females is ultimately thinly veiled social commentary regarding the historic — and future — oppression of women. Writes author Albert James: “If they weren’t being sacrificed to some insane god or being pitched into volcanoes, oceans, lion pits, dog pits, or crocodile pits, then they were getting their heads chopped off, or skewered on stakes or being burned alive, or some other horror.”

Sheena Steele and her roommate Tishia Bach are both highly skilled RTOs (Remote-Tele-Operators) on a space station orbiting Earth. When they are set up and accused of crimes punishable by death, they barely escape with their lives and embark on a desperate journey not only to survive but to understand why they are being so relentlessly chased by shadowy organizations. Once they find themselves safe on Earth, thanks to an eccentric scientist named Vigdor Beckenstein, they begin to uncover startling revelations about Tishia’s painful and mysterious past as well as the alleged death of Sheena’s daughter years earlier – revelations that could change the course of humankind.

The two major problems with this novel are its pacing and, at times, its gratuitous sexuality. While an obvious focus of the novel is the interplay between characters, the narrative often loses momentum because of this attention. And while including explicit sexual scenes in a novel certainly isn’t a bad thing, in Eve’s Trial: The Curse, numerous scenes come across as either repellent or comical, such as: “Sheena could feel him swelling up bigger and harder until he burst with hot gushes shooting into her with one pounding thrust after another until she surged upward firing her own love potion all over him.”

The book’s ambitious and undeniably intriguing storyline – along with its fascinating and fully realized characters and a potentially powerful message and vision – is diminished more than a little by the completely unnecessary, and sometimes bizarre, sexual encounters.

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