Eudora Space Kid: Do the Robot!, Book 3

David Horn, illustrated by Judit Tondora

Publisher: David Horn Pages: 93 Price: (ebook) $2.99 ISBN: 9781736677469 Reviewed: February, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

In book three of David Horn’s Eudora Space Kid series, third-grader Eudora uses her computer know-how to play a prank on her “perfect-at-everything” older sister, followed by more of her technological hijinks.

Eudora is peeved when, in a school play aboard her home, the AstroLiner Athena, she gets cast in the lowly part of playing a shrub while her sister Molly snags the starring role of Snow White. Molly’s long-time crush, playing the prince, is seconds from kissing Molly when the ship’s robot, Walter, dressed as a dwarf, elbows his way in and kisses her. The crowd is amused; the director and Eudora’s family aren’t. Eudora is sent to the brig, where her mother urges her to share her feelings of jealousy and anger.

Later, when Eudora wants to play a game, everyone is busy, even her best friend Arnold. But Walter is available, and Eudora grows increasingly frustrated as the robot continues to handily beat her. When she erupts in anger and throws a game piece, the real trouble — and real fun — starts. As usual, Arnold comes to Eudora’s rescue and reluctantly partakes in the shenanigans. But it’s clear that he’s enjoying it, too.

Through Eudora’s delightfully funny, conversational narrative, Horn does a wonderful job of revealing her observations and insecurities. He’s also a master at putting Eudora in hilarious, precarious situations where the catalyst is always an emotion that’s relatable to young readers. Judit Tondora’s simple but highly expressive illustrations add more comical fun.

While the book ends on a humorous and happy note, it would have been welcome if, after Eudora apologized to Molly for her actions, the sisters could have had a warmer tête-à-tête moment. And it could have been noted that while Molly may be skilled at acting and always toeing the mark, Eudora has a prowess for math, science and sheer ingenuity.

Nevertheless, readers will be raring for more kookiness and fun from this spunky star.

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