Eternal Ways

Timothy Etoori

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Timothy Etoori’s Eternal Ways is written “by a layman for laymen.” With simple prose and “without complicated theology, [the book] is intended to be an aid to believers whoever they are” in order to “pass on some of the secrets of the service of the Lord.” In 14 chapters, Etoori explores scriptural passages that deal with such topics as the power of words, the Holy Spirit, prayer, God’s timing, and obedience.

The author is deft at exposition and does a fine job of unpacking scripture. There is a jazz-like call and response that permeates these pages. A topic is introduced, (for example, “Honoring God”), a few sentences from the Bible are given and then the author riffs off these ideas in an energetic and spirited way. The book covers much ground, although a chief concern is setting readers straight about prosperity. God wants us to flourish, Etoori argues, but we need to put the Almighty first: “Released from the chains of poverty His people are able to spend more time serving him and worshipping him, rather than concentrating on their problems of lack.”

Although exuberant in its presentation, Eternal Ways lacks a central thesis or organizing principle connecting one chapter to the next. Perhaps it is meant to be opened at any page for inspiration, but if that’s the conceit, this is never explained. Moreover, while Etoori’s insights are interesting and demonstrate sound scriptural knowledge, the prose requires editing. The text is hampered by missing words and improper syntax and punctuation (i.e.: “If you believe that people who pray, read the Bible [sic] commit their lives to God and try in every way to please him, [sic] can continue to live in disease, poverty and misery: [sic] then that is not faith.”)

In all, Etoori delivers a fine effort—his exposition is inspiring as is his intent to help everyday people—but the book needs reshaping editorially in order to reach a general market.

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