Entrepreneurial Ministry: The Catalyst to Community Social Change

Judy Benjamin Henderson

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Author Judy Henderson walks the talk. Her book, Entrepreneurial Ministry: The Catalyst to Community Social Change, is a call to action for Christian men and women to get outside the walls of their churches and minister to the needs in their communities.

Raised in the ‘60s in the South, influenced by hearing the powerful words of Dr. Martin Luther King and mentored by the examples of Rev. Leon H. Sullivan and her own father, Earnest Benjamin, Henderson has put the biblical principles these men promoted into practice in the formation of several successful programs of her own. Her “entrepreneurial ministries” have assisted and influenced countless others in need, both in the USA and abroad.

Her book is organized in brief chapters that define entrepreneurial ministry, identify the need for it, and encourage readers to pursue a similar path according to their her own passions. Interspersed are biographical examples of people who provide models for entrepreneurial ministry, such as Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mary Kay Ash, and the author herself. Each chapter begins with a motivational quotation from well-known sources, e.g., Kahlil Gibran, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the Bible, and ends with a prayer and a “point to ponder.”

The main message of Entrepreneurial Ministry is that God places believers in situations and communities where their individual spiritual gifts and predestined Kingdom purposes can introduce life-changing, godly principles and tangible help. She makes a convincing case for service as the way to demonstrate the love of God and to live a life of significance.

Henderson’s theme and examples are strengthened by a clear, straightforward writing style. Editing oversights are minimal and don’t distract from the content. Having only 82 pages, the actual “meat” of the book is lean; more directional, “how-to” content would have made the book more practical.

Nonetheless, readers looking for encouragement and inspiration for their socially oriented outreach efforts will find it in Entrepreneurial Ministry.

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