Enlightenment: Revelations from the Higher Realm

Through Melchizedek to Rev. Robert E. Wagner; narrated by Cha Lea

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Like many spiritual books, the premise behind Enlightenment is a simple one. The author writes: “This book was written for the purpose of finding a path to the spiritual side of our being; to admit, to recognize, and to tap into that realm where we can find peace, happiness and true love for our Creator: God, our Father; and for our fellow man.”

Yet, what makes this book different from most others is that the author Cha Lea is transcribing the spoken words of Reverend Robert E. Wagner, a trance medium who channeled the teachings of Melchizedek, an entity Lea says is the first high priest of God, an advanced spirit living on the planet of Neptune.

The book covers a lot of familiar ground, including the idea that we — and all of existence — are in a constant state of vibration, which in turn explains why we resonate with some people and not others (imagine for a moment the way certain keys on a piano make beautiful music when struck together while others clash and create discord). The book also looks at such ideas as faith, the need for a new civilization of higher consciousness and the importance of diet and exercise to maintain a strong spirit.

Overall, the book is well-written, though in need of copyediting. The content, however, is challenging. Many readers will obviously have difficulty buying into the notion of an advanced spirit existing on Neptune. But even those who accept that premise will find little here that seems new or fresh. Insights such as, “You must understand that for every force there is a compensatory force and an opposing force” may be true, but they have become almost white noise in modern day spiritual writing.

Still, even though seasoned New Age and New Thought readers have heard most of this before, the book could appeal to open-minded novice pilgrims embarking for the first time on a path to spiritual discovery.

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