Dowsing For Health and Harmony

Chris Pisani

Publisher: Pen Culture Solutions Pages: 58 Price: (paperback) $8.99 ISBN: 9781638120261 Reviewed: January, 2022 Author Website: Visit »

Dowsing for Health and Harmony is a brief how-to book on the use of divination tools to detect imbalances in your body and environment.

Author Chris Pisani writes in a preface that his spirit guides led him to establish a sanctuary in South Australia where people can learn about spirit and energy. “Our journey is to teach,” he writes. “Your journey is to learn…Learn to listen to what feels right for you.”

To that end, he focuses on two tools — a pendulum and divining rod—that can help readers access information from their intuition and the spirit world. Both are referred to as dowsing tools. (Dowsing is the ancient art of searching for something hidden, most known for detecting underground water with a forked stick.)

The book is divided into two parts. The first explains how to handle a pendulum and describes its many uses regarding wellbeing. The second discusses how to maneuver a divining rod to evaluate energy fields in your home or workplace. Both sections also include approaches to restoring balance to disruptions found. While the information is helpful and clear, the text includes jarring formatting elements, such as boldfaced and underlined words, all caps, and varying colors. (For example, Pisani repeatedly tells readers to ask their intuition and spirit guides: “AM I CORRECT IN MY UNDERSTANDING THAT I HAVE RECEIVED THE ANSWER YES TO ALL MY QUESTIONS?” ) Additionally, more historical information about dowsing and examples of its use by others would have been welcome.

The book includes drawings and diagrams depicting how to hold the string and crystal for pendulum work, how to bend fine brass wires into workable divining rods, etc. Simple drawings of the human body allow readers to mark problem spots on the page when examining themselves or others.

Despite the somewhat chaotic and abbreviated presentation, readers interested in using divining tools to enhance wellbeing will find useful information on how to get started here.

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