Doctor Lucifer

Anthony Lee

Publisher: Anthony Lee Pages: 312 Price: (paperback) $12.99 ISBN: 9798881161088 Reviewed: May, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

Doctor Lucifer is the first in a promised series of medical thrillers following the crime-busting exploits of Dr. Mark Lin, an internist at Ivory Memorial Hospital in Southern California.

Lin tends to his patients with skill, knowledge and a warm, caring demeanor, but he’s a cynic. In fact, when he’s initially introduced, he admits that he questions his profession: “Does it really improve society, or is it wasted on the worst of us?”

So readers might wonder if he’s the titular character, a sort of medical vigilante. But that’s not the case. Readers are drawn, instead, into a series of mysterious errors that affect Lin’s patients when his orders for medications and procedures are changed without his knowledge or consent. One patient dies from such a change and others face life-threatening situations. It doesn’t help that the hospital—and the rest of the country—is under a hack attack, and staffers are told not to open certain emails.

A tech-driven, cat-and-mouse chase ensues when Lin learns that hackers everywhere are taking advantage of the email pandemic, leaving servers and networks vulnerable to local attacks. Lin begins getting messages and emails from someone calling himself “Doctor Lucifer,” who says he hates him and all doctors, and promises to continue endangering Lin’s patients.

The narrative builds momentum and doesn’t let up, although the novel leaves one nagging question: Why doesn’t Lin report what’s happening to law enforcement? He does tell the IT techs, and eventually his superiors and close colleagues, about Doctor Lucifer. But he seems to have a streak of vigilantism himself, preferring to battle Doctor Lucifer alone.

Still, the dialogue is crisp, and the plot moves briskly, even if at times it’s a bit unbelievable (without divulging spoilers, suffice it to say that Lin does too much on his own).

Ultimately, Doctor Lucifer is a fun page-turner that will leave readers eager to catch the next appointment in Lin’s adventures.

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