Do I Need It? (And What if I Do?): Answers to All Your Questions About Plastic Surgery

Francesca Camp with Dale Burg

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As people age, some ponder whether it’s time for plastic surgery to rejuvenate their look and, if so, what that will entail. Francesca Camp’s valuable book answers those questions in clear, well-organized detail.

The author, a licensed paramedical aesthetician, provided information and compassionate support to burn victims before becoming facility director for a top plastic surgeon in New York. After helping with all aspects of pre- and post-plastic-surgery, and later working as an independent plastic/cosmetic surgery consultant, she well knows what people want and need to know, and her book offers answers to help them make smart decisions. It focuses on preparation, planning and post-surgery considerations, rather than the surgery itself.

The highly informative book first asks readers to clarify what is motivating them to consider plastic surgery and if it makes sense. It lays out realistic expectations people should have regarding the cost of surgery, detailing the many expenses involved for a facelift, which ultimately can total from $18,000 to $30,000.

Next, Camp discusses the importance of understanding the time involved; the procedure can take up to 15 months from the start of preparation to full healing. Some of that time goes to getting referrals toward finding the right doctor, researching surgical sites, and improving one’s health through a careful diet and eliminating smoking and alcohol.

The book details what happens the day of surgery, what regimen to follow from the first day of recovery onward and how bad your mirror image might be initially. Her words aren’t sugar-coated. She also details how long it may take before resuming activities such as tweezing, dental procedures, exercise, hair styling, sun exposure and even flying.

In short, Camp makes it clear that plastic surgery is a huge investment in time, patience and confidence and not for the faint of heart. This well-written, straightforward book has it all and should be the first go-to title for anyone considering such elective surgery.

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