Discovering and Embracing Your Life Purpose

Paul Peters

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Discover your life’s purpose through this in-depth self-evaluation guide that incorporates biblical teachings with psychology to help you piece together the puzzle of your life’s meaning.

Paul Peters shares stories from his own life and the life of fictitious “Tim” to illustrate how life events are the puzzle pieces to finding our true purpose. He states that “there is something put within us that is meant to meet a need, to fulfill a purpose in our time and in our place in history” but it is our job to discover it. He provides extensive and logical advice on the whys and the how-tos for discovering our strengths, passions, love language, temperaments, personality type, talents and more.

The author opens with the sobering thought that “whatever life [we] lived is reduced to a dash” – the hyphen separating birthdate and death date on our tombstone – and challenges readers to write their own epitaph, life’s purpose, vision, and mission statements to set goals for achieving the legacy they desire.

Peters writes with humble transparency that lets his passion for helping others shine through. For example, he includes his own personality portrait from the New Personality Self-Portrait 25 evaluation to help readers understand the benefits of such tests. His writing feels like a conversation with a relatable life coach.

Chapters on personality and temperament discovery are especially interesting. Peters also provides ample Internet link resources for readers to obtain personalized results and for further study of concepts.

The author is undeniably encouraging and accomplishes his goal of providing doable steps for discovering our purpose in life. However, too many pages are littered with typographical errors and repeated passages, which weaken Peters’ credibility and detract from the book’s impact.

Regardless, anyone desiring to better understand themselves and their purpose in life will find Peters’ book enlightening.

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