Developing and Building the Mind and Heart of Christ Jesus (Within You)

Dr. David Garty

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“What will it take for each and every believer to develop the mind and heart of Christ Jesus?” Dr. David Garty asks in the Preface of his book. With this book, he continues, “I hope to create a process that we can follow…”

Garty’s offering, essentially a faith-based self-help book, is designed to be used at the reader’s pace, and includes pages designated to jot notes and plans. The author presents his case bit by bit, intending for readers to ponder the concepts and absorb them before implementing the ideas.

Garty’s pattern is consistent: He presents what he calls “Eternal Life Points” (for example,” position creates being, and being establishes the creative flow of fruit bearing”), followed by biblical quotes that amplify those life points, illustrated by real-world applications and examples. He ends every chapter by re-iterating what he calls the five commands that God has for those who wish to live life abundantly.

Although the book is intended to for a broad audience of seekers, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. The author jumps from one point to the next in rapid succession, generally offering a superficial discussion of each idea, supplemented with Bible quotes and simplistic illustrations. For example, to explain the higher-level concept of intentionally focused faith, he uses only one brief illustration (teaching a child to ride a bike) where a more in-depth discussion would be warranted.

One glaring error is the verbatim repetition of the contents of one chapter in the next. Additionally, although the author offers biblical references, he uses several different Bible translations as sources without citing the exact versions.

The author’s viewpoint is consistent with the Evangelical Christian tradition, which may not appeal to those outside that camp. In addition, he has difficulty in backing up his thesis in a cohesive manner.

As a tool for personal growth, this book could be serviceable, however, readers may prefer to seek out more accessible titles on the subject.

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