Tanner Lutheran

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A unique and compelling romance, Detached explores one couple’s quest towards love and acceptance.

Zach has just finished college and although he completed graduation requirements, he has decided to forego walking across the stage for a road trip. It’s obvious that he’s running from something, although exactly what won’t be revealed until later.

He meets Astrid at a concert in Georgia and is immediately intrigued by her. When he learns that she needs rescuing from her home situation, he does just that, and the two embark on a cross-country adventure. Their romance is a physical and emotional journey, and their bond strengthens as they travel, learning about one another and meeting an engaging cast of characters. Whether a fatherly figure or a drug addicted, homeless drifter, each character represents a new mystery: How will they impact the journey and what lessons will they teach?

Through thoughtful, artistic prose balanced with a well-paced plot and genuine dialogue, the narrative draws readers into the story. While told from Zach’s point of view, it’s easy to become invested in Astrid and even the colorful cast of secondary characters. Some are only present for a short time, but each is impactful and adds depth to the story.

The narrative features engaging action, and the few sex scenes blend smoothly with the plot. Emotion and tension color every moment. As Zach and Astrid’s journey flies by, with unpredictable twists along the way, reflective pauses are inserted exactly when warranted. The ups and downs are skillfully timed, and the author understands how to build to a perfect moment and when to bring it all crashing down. The final moments present a cliffhanger that will leave readers clamoring for more.

Detached is a beautifully written contemporary romance that will appeal to readers of modern romance as well as literary fiction.

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