Decide Forward: The Path to All-Around Success

Peter Ajisafe

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Decide Forward: The Pathway to All-Round Success by Pastor Peter Ajisafe is a spiritually based personal development book focusing on helping individuals attain success through articulating their visions and mastering positive thought processes. Throughout, Ajisafe shares the strategies he has used to be an “all-round” success, as well as his passion for helping others succeed.

Decide Forward starts with a powerful statement: “To decide is to take a stand.”  This provides readers with an exciting and motivating premise upon which they expect the book to be built. However, readers soon discover that the book lacks a cohesive central thesis (apart from broadly helping one succeed) and that each chapter is actually just a dense overview of nebulous, well-worn, or stereotypical “success” advice unrelated to other chapters.

Each chapter provides a different framework for approaching the concept of success without referencing or building on each other. Chapter 9 on “The Principles and Strategies for All-Round Success,” is based around the acronym of CHOICES, which stand for “calculate, harmonize, organize, interpret, communicate, evaluate, and standardize.”  Chapter 11, “Fighting for Success,” features the “Three M’s of Success,” and Chapter 3, “Defining Success,” is all about the five success “drivers.”

This lack of cohesive narrative – peppered at times with militant diatribes such as how “the wrong choice of a marriage partner will be a tool in the hand of the devil”  — are unfortunate because they distract from real gems of wisdom buried in the text. Chapter 4, for example, explores Ajisafe’s apparently original theory that success is created by combining illumination (mental and spiritual intelligence) with motivation. “To be successful in life,” Ajisafe writes, “you have to grow up from being a storage tank to a think tank.” This theory alone could have provided the basis for the whole book.

In sum, while Decide Forward offers sparkles of true and original wisdom, the vision of creating unspecified “all-round” success burdens, dilutes, and ultimately capsizes the value in its message.

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