Dead Dog Road: A True Story Into The Dark World Of An Abused Child

Diane N. Black

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In her urgent, remarkable memoir, author Diane M. Black, a licensed professional counselor and director of a children’s home, recalls her efforts to save three adopted children from sadistic and ineffable abuse.

Alexey and his sisters were adopted from Russia by the Deckerts of Caney Head, Texas—a place where incest was common. Alexey, who frequently ran away to escape cruelty, became the focus of Black’s efforts. The malnourished boy was often beaten and confined to a windowless room with only a bucket, among other sadistic punishments. When Child Protective Services (CPS) periodically checked, the children were afraid to tell the truth, and CPS left them in the home.

Black eventually clashed with the corrupt CPS, which was motivated more by money than its charge to protect children. Alexey’s hopes for a loving family were repeatedly foiled, and he threatened suicide. Shockingly, Black was arrested and charged with interfering with child custody, beginning a nightmarish five-year legal battle, from which she was eventually exonerated. When Alexey became an adult at age18, he was placed with a caring family where he thrived. The Deckerts were never charged for their crimes.

Black delivers a gripping, immersive narrative replete with well-crafted descriptions of events, settings, and emotions. About Alexey’s caretaker at a Russian orphanage, she writes: “She looked at her wrinkled fingers, like crumpled paper flattened out again.” While Black is the tome’s hero, she’s unpretentious relating her efforts.

The memoir’s content is profoundly wrenching, but readers will understand the author’s cathartic need to share the plight of abused children. As much as she wished to be free of her burden, she writes, “I would never be able to pretend I didn’t know that three children were … torture[d] by a sadistic woman, and a spineless perverted man at the end of a dusty Texas road…”.

Dead Dog Road is a must read for anyone who cares about our society’s broken safety net for children.

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