Dawn of Destiny

Isadora Bucher

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Dawn of Destiny is a young adult fantasy story that plays on the popular vampire theme.

Ryan and Aurora, 12-year-old twins, endured a difficult life with their alcoholic, abusive father. In one particularly violent incident, Aurora is nearly killed. She is hospitalized and her father is jailed. Adopted by kind neighbors, the children move to Japan, where they have a happy, normal childhood and excel in sports, especially karate.

Four years after the move, the twins receive a message to meet their adoptive parents at the karate dojo right after school. There they find a mysterious young woman who informs Ryan and Aurora that their beloved parents have been slaughtered by evil beasts that were sent to vanquish the twins.

Their lives shattered, the twins next meet Trinity, the oracle, who informs them of their pedigree as vampire royalty. They are given the opportunity to embrace their vampire nature, assist the vampires in their quest for power and gain the chance to bring back their adoptive parents. Each twin is sent on an exciting quest where they discover that they are in a mysterious land populated by supernatural creatures, including zombies, druids and werewolves.

Though slightly lacking in world-building and description, Dawn of Destiny progresses quickly, and the reader gains insight into the psyche of the twins as they grow and change and discover their new talents as vampires. Ryan and Aurora are characters that young adult readers will easily relate to. They may be strong and powerful budding vampires, but they still have the feelings and conscience of typical teenagers.

Author Isadora Bucher’s fast-moving plot provides the twins the opportunity to face and conquer inner demons, too, and leaves many questions unanswered, clearly opening the door to a sequel or series.

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