Creating Radiant Health: Keys to Releasing the Healing Power Within

Jeanie Traub and Frank A. Lucas

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Creating Radiant Health looks beyond traditional medicine to explore key holistic principles used to help promote natural healing and maintain health.

When diagnosed with a terminal leiomyosarcoma cancer in 2000, with the prognosis of a few months to live, author Jeanie Traub had already suffered from a range of neurological disorders, transient ischemic attacks and ovarian cysts. A lack of knowledge about health almost killed her, she writes. An ordained minister, author, and speaker, she combines in these pages advice on naturopathic medicine—natural, non-invasive healing—and lifestyle changes with an underlying Christian message of God’s desire for healing.

Traub (with Frank A. Lucas) doesn’t dwell on her own healing journey, but immediately segues from her diagnosis into a general discussion of holistic ways of achieving health, including reasons to use plant-based nutraceuticals rather than pharmaceuticals and why it’s important to avoid processed foods. She covers topics such as senescence (body aging), how the body metabolizes foods, and the dangers of processed and acidic foods.

Other key subjects include using intestinal cleansing to remove toxins and parasites, consuming enzymes and probiotics, and reducing Candida yeast by eliminating sugars and starches. A section on weight loss is preceded by healthy recipes.

Her often lighthearted take is a delight. For example, she describes an essential, natural elixir that aids weight loss and improves circulation, breathing and digestion. Spoiler alert: it’s water. The narrative is clearly written and annotated with alternative medicine studies and discussions from experts.

Readers looking for specific recommendations may be disappointed. After exploring the benefits of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, intestinal detox or digestive enzymes, for example, she doesn’t go into product categories, instead leaving it up to readers to find what best works for them.

There are no magic bullets to quickly fix health issues, the author notes, but for readers interested in holistic health, this book offers a solid overview of the subject and a way to begin taking control of personal well-being.

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