Creating Now: Your Guide to Creative Thinking, Insightful Living and Comprehensive Success

Dr. Adrian Harrison

Publisher: Okir Publishing Pages: 327 Price: (paperback) $11.99 ISBN: 9781642711622 Reviewed: November, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

Self-improvement can be a scary, overwhelming project. How reassuring, then, that Creating Now is so well-organized and approachable. Certified Life and High Performance Coach Dr. Adrian Harrison builds trust and excitement with the book’s emphatic title, his supportive voice, and a thorough explanation of every part of his step-by-step process.

The 11-page list of chapters looks daunting, but each chapter is concise and specific: “Being Present Brings Opportunities” and “Make a Habit of Challenging Yourself,” for example. The book’s four sections build on one another, moving from the basics of how the conscious and subconscious minds work, to how to recognize triggers that divert energy from positive change to how, to stop procrastinating, to, ultimately, how to manifest a meaningful life. Each chapter closes with a bulleted summary and actions to take to create new, more productive habits.

Harrison encourages readers to keep his central thesis top-of-mind: “The most important question to ask at any moment in time is, ‘Am I creating consciously, with purpose; or am I creating by default, paying little or no attention to the present or future consequences of what I am thinking, saying, feeling, and doing?’”

Among many valuable lessons, Harrison explains how to change “and consciously recreate” the “junior autopilot,” the immature parts of the subconscious mind that get in the way of leaving the familiar behind for a more invigorating, expansive life.  

The concepts he presents are not new: The Law of Attraction, intention, and the mind-body connection will be familiar to readers interested in self-actualization. What’s refreshing is the practical, active process he leads readers through to attain self-fulfillment. The spelling may be British and the personal references speak of daily life in New Zealand, but anyone anywhere eager to navigate more consciously toward happiness will be grateful for Harrison’s skillful guidance.

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