Connecting the Dots: Twenty-One Devotionals Based on Real-Life Experiences to Better Understand Kingdom Principles

Jason O. Yearwood

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 84 Price: (paperback) $10.99 ISBN: 9781663224569 Reviewed: April, 2022 Author Website: Visit »

Jason Yearwood helps readers overcome life’s challenges with this 21-day devotional that explains Bible principles through relevant, modern analogies.

Yearwood connects the dots between life experiences and biblical lessons to help readers learn how to live an abundant, purposeful life. By using current events and modern situations to illustrate ancient Bible teachings, Yearwood shows how “the bigger picture of what God wants to teach us unfolds bit by bit with every new life experience.” For example, he uses the term “new normal,” which recently emerged through the global pandemic, to illustrate salvation. He explains that salvation through Jesus Christ initiates a “new normal” in a person’s life where “connecting the dots of everyday life to our spiritual walk” becomes the focus. Covering topics like salvation, disbelief, gratitude, self-auditing, trust and more, Yearwood provides beneficial insight for Christians and non-believers alike.

With an incredible gift for writing vivid analogies, Yearwood explains topics in easy-to-understand language with a unique voice that is empathetic and infectiously joyful. He confesses, “Growing up, I never read my Bible.” Yet after being challenged by a traveling evangelist to read the good book cover to cover, Yearwood rejoices: “Since then, I have read it cover to cover four times, and each time I learn something new!”

His understanding, positive attitude helps readers easily connect with him as a relatable, real person rather than a stuffy Bible scholar. Statements like “I’m a ‘90’s kid!” and “Yes, I am a foodie in many respects” bring this talented and likeable author to life.

Yearwood writes with a strong, solid understanding of his topic in smart, creative ways that motivates readers to keep turning pages. If there’s a negative aspect to his writing, it’s simply that the devotional is over too quickly.

Focused, intelligent and enjoyable, Connecting the Dots will enlighten and encourage Christians, from teenagers to life-seasoned seniors.

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