Connected: Building Relationships to Achieve Success and Make a Lasting Impact

Patricia Bathory

Publisher: Amplify Publishing Pages: 260 Price: (hardcover) $28.00 ISBN: 9798891380417 Reviewed: March, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

“Relationships make the world go around,” writes psychotherapist Patricia Bathory, who states emphatically, “all significant accomplishments take a village, whether we’re raising healthy children, running a successful business or pursuing our life purpose.” In this book, Bathory elucidates how “relationships can fast track your success.”

Bathory describes the extensive support she received from her husband, two daughters, extended family, nanny (who “ran our house like a tight ship”) plus colleagues and friends, and cites a recent study showing that people who scored the highest for “warm relationships” earned $150,000 more a year than those who scored the lowest. Another study showed that CEOs with robust networks are key to company growth.

In clearly written chapters, she elaborates on how to build solid relationships, beginning with discovering one’s purpose in life, which makes it easier “to see which relationships are working in your favor and which ones should be reevaluated.” She defines good (and bad) relationships and advises readers on how to improve and repair connections.

The exercises provided at the end of each chapter are demanding; for example, she asks readers to declare interests, accomplishments, disappointments, etc. “for each decade of your life, starting at age ten.” Knowing thyself, she explains, is key to making meaningful personal connections.

Bathory provides case studies, ranging from highly successful people to the not so successful. It’s with the latter— a woman in her 30s who suffered a heart attack, a bickering young couple whose marriage is falling apart, etc.—that this book hits its stride; seeing the author’s theory put into practice is helpful and interesting. Bathory’s detailed descriptions of her clients’ plights and how she helps them also demonstrates her passion for her work.

While the advice offered here is somewhat well-worn, it’s useful. Overall, this in-depth analysis of manifold relationships and their importance will appeal to a wide variety of readers at all points in their lives and careers.


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