Conceivable: The Unlimited Potential of the Unborn

Pastor Ray Lane

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Pastor Ray Lane highlights exceptional moments of his life in this brief memoir aimed at fostering and encouraging anti-abortion, pro-life views.

In 1931, Lane’s mother asked her doctor for another abortion. The doctor requested to speak with her husband and convinced the Idahoan farming couple to keep “the baby that could have died.” Over 90 years later, Ray—the baby granted life—shares his greatest and most influential moments “to describe the unlimited potential of the unborn.”

From being a father, husband to four wives, successful dairy farmer, pastor of several churches, assistant funeral director and more, Lane’s stories celebrate the potential of every life to touch and change the lives of others for the better. He makes a point to pause and remind readers along the way “that the baby Dad didn’t want” would impact the lives of thousands.

Chapters are divided into stages, from conception to old age, with hope-inspiring titles: “Potential,” “Imaginable,” “Thinkable,”” “Evident,” and “Possible,” which further promote the idea that every life has value and endless possibilities. Lane also includes a photo album that provides concrete evidence of his life’s adventures and contributions to his community and beyond. He spends a fair amount of time preaching a gospel message, pointing readers toward their need for salvation and to “not go on sinning” but to seek “the One who does the speaking…JESUS!”

Written with the loving, compassionate voice of a kind grandfather, Lane’s work is a pleasant read, though heavier on personal memoir than pro-life arguments. He tends to jump around and not complete stories, overusing the phrase “more on that later” to indicate that he will return to a topic at some future point. After several of these, the book begins to feel a bit disjointed. Run-on sentences and a few typos add to the unpolished presentation.

However, pro-life supporters and anyone seeking insight and encouragement amidst of an abortion decision, may find Lane’s contribution insightful and inspiring.

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