Clear the Path

Leticia "Lee" Verdin, MS

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According to Leticia Verdin, a successful life includes the fulfillment of dreams. Yet, many find themselves unable to address issues and see goals accomplished. Clear the Path provides a helpful tool to removing the toxic emotions surrounding a problem through the author’s “Eliminator method,” which relies on identifying, defining, addressing, and then removing the barriers toward finding freedom.

“It is the emotion,” writes Verdin, “not the thought that awards a problem its significance. In releasing the emotion, the issue becomes insignificant because it no longer has emotional value. And without the emotion, it is no longer a problem; it’s just something that happened.”

Verdin believes that barriers to a person fulfilling his or her dreams are: a person’s comfort zone, insecurities, inhibitions, guilt/shame, blame, self-pity, inability to forgive, closed mindedness, self-defeating habits, and detrimental memories. The author examines each of these issues in detail and provides this obstacle list on an “Issue Eliminator Board” at the end of the book, as an aid to practicing her method. Like a bingo game, the user covers each obstruction with a marker once it’s eliminated.

Clear the Path is similar in its goal to Emotional Freedom, Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life by Judith Orloff, M.D. Weakening Verdin’s approach, however, is her tendency to use long sentences and paragraphs, and to repeat information needlessly (even so, the book is extremely short at 44 pages.) Had she had added examples of clients who have successfully applied her Eliminator method, it would have made for more engaging reading. Nevertheless, most readers looking for help in this area will find useful advice in this slim book.

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