Choices for Our Eternal Home

Jerry McDermott

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In Choices for Our Eternal Home, Jerry McDermott explores how we can live our lives in anticipation of an afterlife in heaven. Through a series of short essays and reflections, he looks to guide readers in developing a deep, authentic relationship with Jesus and God.

For McDermott, Christianity can be summed up in three simple words: “love and trust.” This idea weaves through the book as he discusses such topics as holiness in the here and now; the deception of false idols; Jesus’ humanity; and heaven. For the author, everything in life can be a distraction if we don’t focus first and foremost on God. He argues that we must become “spiritually reborn” to be prepared for the Rapture or the “sudden removal of Born Again Christians, the Body of Christ, to meet [God] in the clouds.” Concerned about the “degradation of morality in America,” McDermott directs readers to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and savior and to repent their sins to avoid eternal damnation.

While these ideas aren’t new, McDermott is a thoughtful writer who shares a number of life lessons he’s experienced that give the book a personal tone. Most poignant is a tale he relates of an early friendship renewed years later with a distant friend who “wasn’t in the kingdom”; the visit left him unfulfilled. He implies that earthly relationships, with all their foibles, are no match for a lasting connection with God.

Although the book is lively and thoughtful, the topics could use better organization. Sometimes McDermott bounces from idea to idea without strong transitions between chapters, as is the case with Chapter 22, “Another Religion,” and Chapter 23, “Curses.” A few grammatical problems (e.g., using “I” when the objective pronoun “me” is required and “medal” when he means “metal”) also need fixing.

While this book doesn’t break new ground, it is a heartfelt testament of one man’s faith and his desire to help those around him attain eternal life.

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