Buying Your Dream House or How to Survive Buying and Selling

Rubi Red

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 75 Price: (paperback) $19.99 AUD ISBN: 9781469187860 Reviewed: October, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

This short book is a humorous look at one married couple’s decision to buy a home and sell their old one. The title may give the book the appearance of being informative, but author Rubi Red just wants to amuse. Sometimes the gambit pays off; other times it misses the mark.

A brief passage about looking through real estate literature is a fair example of the humor here: “Collecting brochures on all these houses is an added bonus. After all, you will be able to use them to wallpaper the new abode, in the very likely event you will be unable to afford paint, after purchasing it.” While not laugh-out-loud funny, it’s light-hearted and on topic.

A few features of Buying Your Dream House are confusing. The author opens the book with a glossary of acronyms, including KISA for her “knight in shining armor” husband and EB for herself (because she’s not just a child bride but an Embryo Bride. Get it?). Rather than add to the humor, the acronyms are a bit of a hurdle to read through. And while she discusses a few of the ins and outs of buying and selling houses — including a funny bit where the couple throws a dinner party but insists everyone eat McDonald’s over laid-down newspaper so as not to make a mess should a prospective buyer stop in — the ratio favors one-liners over sticking to a topic.

Buying Your Dream House is good-natured, and one wishes the author all the best in her dream home. Should she want to revise this book, adding some actual tips on the real estate market could turn a mere amusement into something far more useful.

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