Bridging to the Trillions Market: A Simple Guide

Mazlan Abang

Publisher: Partridge Pages: 86 Price: (paperback) $46.15 ISBN: 9781482824445 Reviewed: October, 2014 Author Website: Visit »

Self-taught currency trader Mazlan Abang compiles a compact introduction to the foreign currency exchange market in his new book Bridging to the Trillions Market. Unable to find many books on the subject when he began learning about the market in his (unspecified) native country in the mid-1990s, Abang hopes this guide will assist new currency traders and fill a gap in printed materials on this topic in his homeland.

The book begins with an overview of fundamentals of the currency market and then addresses the psychology of trading, charting analysis, and trading strategies. He provides just enough explanation to give the novice a vocabulary and rudimentary understanding of these key matters without overwhelming the uninitiated with too much detail or jargon.

Abang acknowledges the risks inherent in currency trading, relating it to the ocean where “At times you’ll experience gentle currents, and at others you’ll encounter high waves.” He correctly points out that successful trading requires discipline in managing both overall market positions and individual trades and offers insights but, wisely, no promises of quick riches. Instead, he provides a potentially longer-lasting road to profits with his concluding advice: “Learn all you can about currency trading so you know how to prevent overtrading, overleveraging [and so on]…Trading well is all about whether you are ready to do so.”

The book’s attractive, clean layout intersperses diagrams and charts among brief chapters, and includes a helpful list of additional reference books. As a non-native English speaker, Abang’s syntax is occasionally awkward but does not distract from his teaching.

Much of the information in Bridging to the Trillions Market could likely be gleaned from a thorough Internet search, but it provides a distinct advantage: It whets one’s appetite for learning more about this topic without the distracting glare of brokerages seeking commissions or scam artists preying on uninformed hopes. For that alone, it’s a worthy option.

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