Brain Surgery and Recovery From a Patient’s Point of View

Delores Beecham

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Being a brain surgery patient is clearly no walk in the park. Delores Beecham experienced two brain surgeries seven months apart in 1987. After 22 years, she decided to write this book as a way to help patients and their loved ones understand what happens when someone experiences a brain tumor and must undergo an operation.

Beecham opens the book by describing in highly simple terms what the brain is and what to do should you be diagnosed with a brain tumor. She suggests asking a lot of questions and getting several opinions. She also says to see a doctor if you experience long, painful and unusual headaches. The author then covers in brief the proper way to take medications, how to prep before the day of surgery, what you need as a walk-in patient on the day of surgery, and what to expect during your recovery.

Other chapters tell what to do and what not to do if you are a visiting a friend or relative of a patient. She suggests offering encouragement and perhaps applying lotion, for instance, but not bringing children or overstaying your welcome. The final pages describe Beecham’s personal experience, including her unusual headaches, misdiagnosis, and ultimately the two different surgeries she had to undergo.

Although it covers the basics, the book is sorely lacking in the author’s own detailed explanations of how she dealt with the difficult downsides of her experiences. For example, she says, “Don’t get despondent,” and “Don’t expect too much too soon and don’t give up.” But how did she do so? In addition, the book ihas some structural defecits and would be a better read if the author’s personal story were woven together with her advice from the start.

As it stands, Beechan’s book is easy to follow, but simplistic to the point where the information within should be obvious to all but the most naïve patient.

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