Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny

Jeremy Clift

Publisher: ElleWon Press Pages: 362 Price: (paperback) $22.00 ISBN: 9798990010734 Reviewed: July, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

Jeremy Clift’s Born in Space is a dystopian science fiction novel featuring the artificial incubation of humans in space and other futuristic challenges.

The story revolves around Clara, Noel, and their children Hunter and Teagan, set against the backdrop of global political conflict and the aftermath of devastating climate change impacts. It’s 2068, and Clara is a plant scientist working on the moon while Noel is a lecturer in Arizona. As systems on Earth continue to disintegrate, Noel and Teagan decide to leave for the space habitat Quivira, while Hunter joins the space academy.

In Quivira, Teagan is coerced by a dubious doctor into participating in an experiment involving artificially breeding humans for future colonies in space. Howie Rich, a cold-hearted bigwig who runs much of the world, is behind the questionable experiments in Quivira.

Meanwhile, Earth’s political mayhem is exacerbated by a Great Cyber War involving hackers who work to weaken and destroy communication and technological systems in the West and create a new world order. In addition, climate change protests and civil wars rock many regions on Earth.

The novel’s imaginative yet believable portrayal of Earth’s future is compelling. The story is exhilarating with immersive subplots and exciting action scenes. Teagan is determined to become reunited with her children, who were incubated in Quivira’s lab, and seeks a place she can call home. Clara, Hunter and Noel face their own challenges, personal and professional.

Unfortunately, since the plot’s pace is swift and the novel is packed with characters and scenes, some sections feel rushed and underdeveloped. For instance, Hunter’s attraction to Kiana, part of Hunter’s group that guards the space habitats, is sudden and unexpected.

Despite this, readers will enjoy Born in Space for its detailed world-building, absorbing storyline, and fascinating lead characters.

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