Bird’s Flight

Audrey Murphy

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Bird’s Flight explores the fictional story of one man’s life and how his dreams fuel an ambition for a brighter future than the one offered to previous generations.

Ty “Bird” Partridge is born in the tiny town of Greenstone, Missouri, population 754. From a young age, he is determined to avoid the fate of his father, laboring in the coal mines. This becomes a major point of contention between the son and father, who pushes the young man to get on with the mining company before he even graduates high school.

Then one day, Pop, a local soda fountain shop owner, also formerly a miner, introduces Ty to dancing, and the teen discovers a natural talent and a new passion. The distance between father and son grows. When the opportunity comes to escape the little town, Ty seizes it, only to face new challenges as he pursues his dream of life as a dancer.

This is a fast read, told in a straightforward manner in a voice that reflects a simpler time. In a letter to Pop, Ty writes, “… I had included a photo of Alex and me, taken in one of those booths where you draw the curtain, smile, press a button, and the photo is ready in a jiffy.” Readers will cheer for Ty, who is a likeable character.

The story is mildly flawed, however, in that problems are often solved too easily, and luck, coincidence and acts of kindness occur more often than seems realistic. Several times, Ty is the beneficiary of a generous gift, each making a brighter future possible.

Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable, professionally written and edited read. It will appeal especially to readers who remember with fondness the time when a trip to the movies was 50 cents.

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