Bible Revival for “A More Excellent Ministry”: Genesis to Exodus, Volume 1

Annquenette Windham

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In a work overflowing with exuberance, Annquenette Windham sets out to inflame readers with a healthy does of spirit in her translation of the first two books of the Bible. Calling her approach “Stoetry,” or storytelling in verse form, she gives passionate renderings of Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, and Rebecca.

Written in rhyming couplets (not an easy feat for two very long biblical works), Windham sails through these scriptural tales in a breezy but sincere fashion and provides questions for reflection and study guide materials at the end of important passages. Her poetry is infused with simple, but fiery emotion; the author is bubbling over with zeal, encapsulating the true meaning of the word enthusiasm, which comes from the Greek words, en theos, or to have God within.

All this being said, though the heart is in the right place, the book is in need some refining. As mentioned earlier, carrying rhyming couplets for over 400 pages is quite an achievement, but it can also make the poetry sound tinny and awkward at times, and the author is clearly stretching for rhymes at other points. (“And it was so/ Moses did not want to go to Egypt to speak to Pharaoh.”) Moreover, the book requires a copyeditor to correct a number of punctuation issues. Although it’s apparent that the author is making an artistic choice by leaving out commas at the end of most of the lines in the poems, there are other places where punctuation is incorrect. This is unfortunate because it causes unnatural pauses that stop the rhythm of the book.

Still, Windham’s book is meant to raise people up; it’s meant to be sung to the rafters and to create a swelling of emotional fervor. Though the volume has distracting flaws, it succeeds in many of the spiritually important places.

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