Jan Walters

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In Believe, a woman’s life is forever changed when she purchases an old album at a mysterious bookstore. This engaging romance tells the story of a love that spans time and continents, but won’t survive without a fight.

A single, divorced mother of two, Ann is not unhappy with her life in 2013, but something is missing. When she purchases Lady Oneil’s Memoirs from a local bookstore, strange things begin happening. Mysterious dreams of a handsome man from the album fill her nights, and during a thunderstorm a dream of him seems very real.

Looking for love in the current century, she begins dating David, a man from her office. When she no longer wants to be with him because of his controlling ways, she discovers that he has a violent side and that she has become a target. When David breaks into Ann’s house to kill her, she is saved in a most peculiar way: A second freak thunderstorm transports her back to 1870, into wealthy English society.

Now living in the past, Ann quickly discovers that she must adjust her independent ways for proper society. She also learns that she is to marry the dashing Patrick O’Neil. Although Patrick doesn’t know her secret, he and Ann have immediate, passionate chemistry. In the couple’s beautifully written romance, they must face dark threats from both the past and the future to survive.

This well-drawn story perfectly interweaves Patrick and Ann’s paths with the stories of well-developed secondary characters, adding multiple layers of enjoyment to an already richly constructed plot. Author Jan Walters expertly blends time and place, vividly rendering scenes as Ann struggles to find her footing in her new life, and she delivers an exciting manhunt for a devious murderer from the future.

Believe is an excellent time travel romance, combining relatable characters, emotion, passion, humor, and timeless love with plenty of action and intrigue: a fantastic book for romance readers.

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