Becoming Awakened: An Insightful Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-Awareness

Rhyanne Escarffullette

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In 60 short essays, author Rhyanne Escarffullette offers an introductory level of inspiration and practical advice on how to live a life of self-awareness.

Escarffullette is a certified integrative nutrition health coach. Her father introduced her to Rhonda Byrne’s film The Secret at age 16. Its message eluded her until a few years later when its premise became clear: Mastering the ego—a controlling inner voice based on others’ demands—allows the subconscious mind to create a life of love and fulfillment.

Over the next years, when she “encountered a situation that required reflection and deliberation, I took out a piece of paper and jotted down a principle that can be utilized to turn that situation around.”

Escarffullette acknowledges that everyone struggles with toxic relationships, anxiety, impatience, lack of confidence, and more. In these short chapters, she offers practical advice for addressing such hindrances. For example, if you’re a constant worrier, you’re causing mental tension, which translates to physical tension. The solution? “Think fewer worried thoughts. Take walks, read a book, or practice meditation to help ease your mind.”

Written for those just beginning their search for self-awareness, the book’s prose is simple enough for a child to understand, (“Give thanks for being given another day because each day is special.”) The narrative superficially explains big concepts, such as the ego and the unconscious mind, visualization, acceptance, and mindfulness. It also discusses contemporary dangers, as in: “Treat social media with caution and don’t overly consume yourself with it.” A list of suggested reading, including modern self-realization classics such as The Power of Now, The Four Agreements, and The Giant Within, is provided for further study.

While adults might find the book a bit too simple, it provides a good entry point for young people. The gentle invitations to develop a meditation practice, regularly express gratitude, or create a vision board could help prepare young readers to embark on a lifetime of discovery and contentment.

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