Attract Your Dreams: A Dreamer’s Primer

Amber Dayva

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In Attract Your Dreams, author Amber Dayva offers an inspiring guide to creating the life of your dreams, what she calls a “Dreamer’s Primer.” While the techniques Dayva describes are fairly standard—writing, visualization, rituals, meditating, and so forth—the enthusiasm she brings to the topic enhances her message.

The author notes that she has learned how to “recruit her subconscious mind” to realize her dreams, a process she calls “conscious dreaming” (defined as “a purposeful, persistent, inspired, enthusiastic activity”). This technique “requires a tremendous amount of self-improvement…it forces you to deal with your inner world, your heart, your feelings…”.

Dayva models the positive outcome of such self-improvement, and offers fresh thoughts of not only what you need to know, but what you need to do in order to attract what you want in your life. For example, she suggests bringing the same inexhaustible enthusiasm to the task of realizing your dreams as you would searching for a lost wallet that contains all your documents and cash.

Dayva is not a guru or celebrity, but someone who has achieved “a substantial record of dreams that have come true.” The boundless fervor with which she shares her unwavering faith, coupled with an obvious depth and breadth of psycho-spiritual knowledge, is highly contagious. And she displays a deft ability to steer readers through the process of defining dreams, goals, and desires, using narrative, anecdotes, and positive reinforcement from various sources.

The book suffers a bit from copyediting errors and the lack of a Table of Contents, but these are small distractions. Dayva winds up with 17 “rules of conscious dreaming,” followed by specific chapters on achieving a dream relationship, ideal health, and financial independence. She concludes where she began: reminding readers that no matter what methods they use, these techniques will only work if we believe in them.

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