Antioxidants: Mighty Cancer Weapons

Thomas Lupich

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In recent years, much has been published in the scientific literature about the health benefits of antioxidants, and Thomas Lupich has made a concerted effort to summarize the positive findings in his book, Antioxidants: Mighty Cancer Weapons.

This compact, 59-page soft-cover book is an arsenal of information, though it’s not written for the layman; an understanding of biochemistry is helpful, along with some comprehension of scientific terminology.

Lupich, a retired electrical designer from Princeton’s University’s Plasma Laboratory, takes a deep dive into the reasons why antioxidants may be powerful weapons against cancer, and he spends considerable time discussing silica-hydride (SH), a family of antioxidants which he feels is the most potent.

While there is no consensus about the efficacy of SH, the author does a skilled job of summarizing anecdotal evidence in support of this antioxidant as a potentially effective protocol for cancer patients. From improving blood flow and creating an environment hostile to pathogens to invigorating the immune system and increasing energy, the argument for SH makes one think; however, the author is also the owner of an SH-based alternative cancer therapy called Protocel™, which makes the book appear to be marketing support for the drug.

With only one cancer patient responding positively to Protocel treatment, and no testing or approval from the Food and Drug administration (FDA), the efficacy of Protocel, or SH in general, is questionable. However, the author is transparent about his ownership of Protocel and the fact that no authority has validated his claims.

Keeping this in mind, cancer patients could certainly raise questions about SH with their oncologist who may or may not decide to use SH as an adjunct to conventional therapy. Having this discussion with a medical expert certainly wouldn’t hurt, and Lupich’s book provides a useful foundation for readers interested in pursuing such a conversation.

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