Angels, of Course: A Collection of Illustrated Visits

Win Tuck-Gleason

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Win Tuck-Gleason shares her unusual encounters with angels in this illustrated collection of true stories.

From as young as three years old, the author remembers seeing angels around her crib. As a young child, she believed everyone saw these beautiful supernatural beings, but just never spoke of them. After decades of remaining silent about these experiences that continued in her 20s and 40s, Tuck-Gleason states, “I am finally able to share these episodes…”

In this collection of short anecdotes, Tuck-Gleason describes the angels she has seen and some of the miraculous interventions they’ve worked in her life. For example, she credits angels with plowing snow off a dangerous road for her, warding off a late-night intruder and literally driving her car for her when she was tired. She discusses how the angels interact with us to “deliver a very positive atmosphere” and to protect us from harm, and hopes her stories help others “feel the closeness of the kingdom of heaven in our world.”

Tuck-Gleason vividly describes the variety of angels she has seen: for example, those in “flowing white gowns,” and with “beautiful wings,” as well as “warrior angels, obviously male, dressed in brown leather, ancient Greek-style uniforms,” and “small angels… [that] resemble chubby little children.” She even took art lessons to portray the beings in gauzy paintings she includes throughout.

Tuck-Gleason writes with a joyous tone full of wonder. Her humble spirit shines through every page. Readers looking for answers as to why Tuck-Gleason sees angels, however, or to whether her encounters can be verified will be disappointed. She offers no explanation as to why these encounters happened to her, other than a vague nod at her coming “from a long line of Christian ancestry.” Readers can decide for themselves if her stories are miraculous or coincidental. Certainly, they are intriguing.

Anyone studying the existence of angels and their interactions with humans will find Tuck-Gleason’s contribution useful and brim-full of personal testimony.

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